October 19, 2017

Nic Bol Wins J/22 World Championship

Thank you for Rosemarijn Verdoorn, Chair of the Dutch J/22 Class Association for the following report: First of all, it was an honor to be the host country of the J/22 Worlds this year! We had a great week, with changing conditions, lovely weather and a lot of happy people at the end of the week. We started the week on Tuesday the 30th of May with measuring and registration. As everyone was eager to start their World Championship, there already was a line at 10AM. We had one and a half days to have all 39 boats registered and measured. It was a scary start for FRA 1444, team Reiner Brockerhoff, since their mast was broken due to miscommunications with the crane team. Fortunately, NED 1273 of Jean-Michel Lautier had a spare mast only 200feet from the race venue, and they were willing to lend it to 1444.

On Wednesday, the practice race started at 1:30PM. It was a good test for everyone to get to know the water, the waves, and the current in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. It was also a good lesson to see that Race Committee decided to start every race with a U flag. It was favorable to make a dip start, due to the direction of the current, but this would result in a disqualification. Unfortunately, not everyone knew what UFD (U flag disqualified) meant after the practice race, and did not bother to look it up. This resulted in a lot of U flags, Black flags and disqualifications after the first two days in very low wind conditions. The first two days were very tricky with light wind (6 knots) and almost 2 knots of current. The upper mark was not easy to reach, which resulted in busy upper marks, with boats trying to get to the upper mark after multiple tacks.

On Thursday, we had an opening dinner for all J/22 competitors, and a party organized by the J/22 Class on Friday. On Saturday, we had an open bar for all J/22 sailors and their relatives and friends, partly sponsored by the German Class Association as well. It was great to get to know all the teams from all over the world.
The last two days of racing, Saturday and Sunday, were the opposite of the first two days—heavy wind conditions and real North Sea waves. We even started the day with rain, after a couple of days of sunny weather. These changing conditions caused changes in the overall results.

The Dutch J/22 Class Association wants to thank all the competitors for their participation and competitive sailing. We appreciate that so many teams took the effort to travel to The Netherlands. We also want to thank the event organization and our Worlds committee.

Congratulations to the winners Nic Bol and his team from The Netherlands including Christopher Bol, Tim de Weerdt and Niels de Vries—the new J/22 World Champions. Second place went to Jean Michel Lautier, and third was Hans Duetz.

Check out the Facebook page for photos and updates: https://nl-nl.facebook.com/DJ22CA/
And also the event page with results and photos: http://manage2sail.com/en-US/event/863417e5-a5f3-4f6d-a531-d5f563b2a0ff#!/results?classId=5571ffd8-4469-45d4-b997-e14312067d79

The event had entrants from The Netherlands, France, Germany, Canada and the Cayman Islands.

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